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Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

Riverview Credit Union's Share Draft Account is all about Saving! Saving you time and money (with features like Direct Deposit and FREE ATMs). This account pays YOU dividends with a required $10 minimum balance and NO service fees.

  • Earns dividends with $10 minimum balance
  • No monthly service charge
  • No per check fee
  • Free on-line account access
  • Free Debit Card
  • Free ATM accessibility
  • Bill Pay
  • E-statements
  • Overdraft Transfer
  • Courtesy Overdraft Privilege
  • Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction
  • Monthly statement
  • Free 24 hour Audio Teller
  • Free Checks for members 55+

Account Accessibility

  • Master Money Debit Card
    Works like a credit card but accesses your account like a check. Use it at ATM machines to withdraw and transfer money, and check your account balances.
  • 24 Hour Audio Teller
    Our 24 Hour Audio Teller service allows you to complete banking transactions over the phone. Transfer money and check your account balances, make withdrawals, and check items cleared by using your telephone.
  • CU On-line
    Access your accounts anywhere you go with CU On-line.
  • ATM
    Riverview CU has 5 ATM locations in the Belpre and Marietta area and a total of 29 ATM's in the Mid-Ohio Valley that you can utilize FREE. (Check out the ATM Locations page for more information.)
  • Shared Branching Services
    Riverview CU is a member of the Shared Branching Network. This allows you the member to utilize over 2,300 Credit Unions across the United States. (Check out the Shared Branching Locations page or click on the Credit Union Service Center logo for more information.)
  • Overdraft Transfer/Courtesy Overdraft Privilege
    Riverview CU knows that mistakes happen and provide you with two services that can help. Riverview CU's Overdraft Transfer allows you to set up your Share (savings) Account with your Share Draft (checking) account to transfer money when your account goes below your $10 balance.
    Riverview also provides a Courtesy Overdraft Privilege.  Beginning August 15, 2010, we will no longer pay your overdrafts for ATM and everyday debit card transactions unless you tell us you want overdraft coverage for these transactions.  Today, if you do not have enough money in your account for approval of a debit card purchase or ATM withdrawal, we may still authorize and pay your overdraft.  However, if you do not consent to overdraft coverage for your ATM/debit card before August 15, 2010, then your purchase or withdrawal request will be DECLINED.  Our overdraft program does not guarantee we will cover your overdrafts, but if we do, you will be charged our standard fee of $30 for each overdraft.  As long as you keep your account in good standing by continuing to make consistent deposits, bringing your account to a positive balance at least every 30 days, remaining current on loans, etc., then we may pay your overdraft item up to $330.  Currently we authorize and pay checks, automatic debits, electronic transfers, ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases.  But, after August 15, 2010, we will no longer authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card purchases unless you consent by either:
  • Calling us at 888-423-4260
  • Completing an opt in form with one of our representatives
  • Click on the link below for opt in form, print and fill out then present at either branch or mail to:   Riverview Credit Union, 403 Main Street, Belpre, OH 45714
  • For Opt In Form Click Here
  • Please contact a Member Service Representative for further information or see the link below for the Courtesy Overdraft Privilege brochure. 
  • For Brochure Click Here

(*Letters will be sent at 10, 20, and 30 days if Courtesy Overdraft Privilege is not repaid to the credit union. At 30 days delinquent Courtesy Overdraft  Privilege is suspended. At 45 days delinquent account is closed and goes into collection status.)

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