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Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperative financial institutions, owned by their members, and guided by a volunteer board elected from the membership.  Credit unions, such as Riverview Credit Union, Inc. provide their members with better rates on loans and savings than most commercial banks.  While banks must make profits for their stockholders, (placing depositors at the bottom rung of the banking ladder), credit unions exist only to serve their members … People like YOU!  More than 2.7 million Ohio residents, (about 20 percent of the state's population), belong to credit unions through associations with their employers, communities, churches, or occupations.

Is a credit union right for you?  That depends on your unique needs, and the financial services that you desire.  If those needs include: 

  • The desire to do business where you are treated as a member, rather than as an account number, then a credit union is for you.
  • If you want to escape the service charges charged by 'check cashing' services,
    a credit union is for you
  • If you believe that people can work together to provide financial services without feeing your accounts into oblivion, then a credit union is for you.

Riverview Credit Union, Inc. is a state chartered, federally insured financial institution, regulated by the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Financial Institutions. 


How do you join?

If you live, work, worship, or attend school in Washington, County, Ohio, work at one of our over 70 Select Employer Groups, or are an immediate family member of a current member you can join.

Stop by at one of our two locations or call 888-423-4260 or 877-647-8664 for more information.

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