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Adding Security for Online Banking


Adding Security for Online Banking

On January 3rd 2023 Riverview Credit Union will be activating required usernames for all members. Enter this username instead of your account number when you log into your online banking, regardless of the device you use to log in. A username is a more secure way to login since it is something you, the member, control. It is not easily known and only you can update it in It’s Me 247.

If you already have created a username, great! Nothing will change for you.

On January 3rd 2023, if you do not have a username, the next time you log in you will automatically advance to the username setup screen which will prompt you to create one.

Usernames can include the following:

  • Upper- or lower-case letters (Usernames are not case sensitive)
  • Spaces or a space (just not at the beginning or end of the username)
  • From 1 to 20 characters

Usernames cannot include the following:

  • Special characters
  • Your account number
  • Your first or last name
  • All numbers

Once you enter your username in the field provided, you will click “Set Username.” From then on you will use this username whenever you log into your online banking in addition to your password and security question answer.

Don’t like your username and want to change it? No problem! If at any time you want to update your username, you can do so in the Personal & Information section of It’s Me 247.

Learn more here about usernames:

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