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Make Quick & Easy Loan Payments

Your life can be hectic enough so making your loan payment should be easy.  Riverview's LoanPay Xpress provides you with a quick and easy way to make loan payments from the convenience of your home, or on a smartphone while on the go. Enjoy the convenience of making your loan payments via ACH (electronic check) from your savings or checking account or from a debit or credit card from any financial institution.

LoanPay Xpress Login

Note: Payments from your Riverview savings or checking account must be made through our Online Banking system.


How to Setup LoanPay Xpress

Payment from another institution 

You will need the following information to setup your payment:

  • Your Riverview member number and loan suffix. Both can be found on your monthly statement. 
  • The routing and account number or debit/credit card number to be used for payment.
  • Birthdate of the primary owner/borrower of your Riverview loan.

You may choose to register as a user or make a payment as a guest. We recommend registering as a user especially if you plan to make payments often using LoanPay Xpress.

LoanPay Xpress Login

Payment from your Riverview Account

It's easy to setup automatic payments when you bank primarily with Riverview. You simply need use our Online Banking system to set up automatic monthly transfers to make your loan payments.

Online Banking Login Digital Banking Information

Benefits of Using LoanPay Xpress

  • No need to write a check and send it in the mail
  • Avoid the hassle of moving money from place to place to pay a bill
  • Make your payments anytime at your convenience
  • Set up LoanPay Xpress to withdraw funds directly from your primary financial institution

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What information do I need in order to register for LoanPay Xpress?

All you need is your Riverview Member Number and the Loan Number. Here is an example
Member Number 123456 Loan Number 52
In the LoanPay Xpress system, it will read that as 12345652

What if I don't know my member number?

You can find your Member Number on your Member ID card that you received at the time of opening your account. You may also find it through your Online Banking or Mobile App. You can contact us at 740.423.4260

What if I don't know my loan number?

Your Loan Number is located on your monthly statement or on the original loan paperwork you were issued at the time you obtained your loan. On your Statement/eStatement, the Loan Number is listed as a three digit number between 600 and 900. You can also retrieve it from Riverview's Online and Mobile Banking sites.

What loans can I pay using LoanPay Xpress?

All loans, including auto loans, recreational loans, signature loans, and home equity loans.

What payment methods can I use?

You can use VISA debit cards, MasterCard debit or credit cards, and Discover credit cards. Riverview's LoanPay Xpress does not accept American Express payments or Riverview debit cards. You can also do a Direct Debit (ACH) from another financial institution’s savings or checking account.

What if I have multiple loans that I need to pay?

You can use LoanPay Xpress to make payments on all your loans. After you create a unique User ID and password, then you can register all your Riveriew loans using the different Loan Numbers.

Can I used LoanPay Xpress to make a payment from my Riverview checking or savings account?

LoanPay Xpress cannot be used to make a payment from your Riverview checking or savings accounts.  These payments  must be made using our Online Banking system.

Can I setup recurring payments?

Yes, you can schedule reoccurring payments on LoanPay Xpress. The payments can be set up for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly (1st and 15th), and monthly payments. Once your loan is paid off, please be sure to log into LoanPay Xpress and cancel any scheduled reoccurring payments.

When will my payment post?

Payments made prior to 4:00 pm Eastern Time may post as early as next business day. Payments after 4:00 pm will not begin processing until the following business day. If you are scheduling a future-dated or recurring card payment, you must choose a payment date at least two (2) business days prior to the due date of your loan to ensure your payment posts on time and to avoid possible late fees and penalties. Weekends and Federal Holidays are not considered business days. Any non-standard payment amounts will be applied per the terms of your loan agreement.



What else do I need to know?

  • Debit/credit card payments are subject to a convenience fee.
  • Payments submitted after 4:00 pm eastern time will be processed on the next business day.
  • Payments cannot be made using your Riverview debit card. Please visit Online Banking to make a payment using your Riverview share account.
  • A payment confirmation will be emailed upon completion of a successful transaction for your records.
  • When you use LoanPay Xpress for the first time, you will need to register your account with valid billing information and email address.
  • Making a payment as a guest will not store personal or payment information, as well as payment history.
  • Payment history, as a registered user, will only show transactions done using LoanPay Xpress. Please visit Online Banking to see complete history.
  • Transactions cannot be reversed once submitted and is up to the discretion of Riverview as to how the refund will be settled.
  • Please contact Riverview at 740.423.4260 if you are looking to pay your loan in full.



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