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Here at Riverview, we believe that community is a critical part of who we are and what we do. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we take pride in actively participating in the development of a strong and vital community.

Through our philanthropic endeavors, the ultimate purpose is to give back. We have a unique ability and belief that when we grow, our obligation and privilege is to do more and return more to our members and the community. We demonstrate our “People Helping People” spirit in several different ways 

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Mid-Ohio Valley Entrepreneurship Expo At Marietta College

Riverivew is proud to be the title sponsor of this innovative program organized by Marietta College.

The goal of this program is to connect aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and business leaders with educators, industry experts, students, and resource providers.

The cornerstone of this program is a live event where Participants have the ability to attend a variety of workshops that provide specific tools and information on timely topics related to marketing and promotion, management, finance, accounting, insurance, and legal issues that affect businesses. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to hear inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs and network with other business and community leaders.

Learn more about MOVEE today.

Financial Education

We are a proud and long-standing supporter of our local schools, teachers, students and parents that make up the fabric of our educational system. From sponsoring school fundraisers and sports programs to providing books on anti-bullying and financial literacy, Riverview is committed to giving back to our local schools for their dedication to providing the educational foundation for our future community leaders. 

FInancial Literacy

In 2017, we formed a new partnership with Ramsey Solutions that will help the future generation develop better financial habits.  For the 2017-2018 school year, Riverview partnered to provide Dave Ramsey’s financial literacy curriculum — Foundations in Personal Finance — to three Washington County school districts.  This curriculum teaches both middle school and high school students how to save, budget, avoid debt, spend wisely, and invest. The skills they learn help students build confidence in their own financial decision-making, from managing a checking account and paying bills to purchasing their first car. We believe the concepts taught to form good money habits early in life will change their lives forever.  For the 2018-2019 school year, Riverview has expanded its sponsorship to all six school districts in Washington County. Today, we sponsor 15 schools in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Find out more.

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Staff Volunteering

We believe that volunteering is good for our communities and employees. That’s why we offer every employee paid leave to volunteer. Volunteering gives employees the opportunity to learn more about the social and environmental issues that we face locally and to help strengthen the communities where we live and work. 

Our staff volunteers on boards and committees, providing long-term support for some of the most impactful charitable organizations: Memorial Health Systems, Boy Scouts of America, Boys and Girls Club, Marietta Noon Lions Club, and Marietta Community Foundation, just to name a few. 

Charitable Efforts

We recognize and commend the various nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to fulfill their purpose. We support them in their mission and we stand beside them in service.  

Annually, we provide nearly $50,000 in financial support to entities such as:

  • Marietta Faternal Order of Police Lodge #12
  • Humane Society of the Ohio Valley
  • Boys and Girls Club of Washington County
  • Local fairs and festivals, including Sternwheel, Barlow Fair
  • Local athletic programs, including Marietta, Warren, and Belpre

In addition to our direct financial contributions, we offer nonprofit organizations in the Mid-Ohio Valley a comprehensive product suite designed specifically for them . These products have ocmpetitive divident rates which allow the organizes to maximize their earnings. 

Community Projects

In addition to sponsoring the efforts of nonprofit organizations in the communities we serve, Riverview also funds, organizes and stages events to benefit worthy causes. The following are some of the activities we have participated in to assist local organizations:

    • Toys for Needy Toy Drive
    • Gospel Mission Food Pantry Drive
    • International Credit Union Day
    • Humane Society Adoptathon

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