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The vehicles listed below are currently for sale by Riverview. All sales are conducted via a blind bid auction process unless stated otherwise. Interested parties must submit a written bid using the bid sheet  or similar format.

Bids may be returned at a branch location, by faxing it to 740-423-1144, or to Darla Kerns via email.

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Items currently for sale


None at this time

We periodically have items for sale at McLeish Auction Services.

Other considerations

  • Any bid may be modified prior to the deadline or withdrawn at any time, even after the deadline.
  • Financing may be available subject to Riverview's normal underwriting process. 
  • Repossessions typically may be viewed daily. Test drives are not permitted.
  • Credit union reserves the right to decline any and all bids.
  • Bidders are not required to be a Riverview member or present at the time of sale.
  • Bidders will be notified starting with the highest bid.  
  • All vehicles are sold "AS IS" without warranty, either expressed or implied, as to mechanical or physical condition.
  • Vehicles financed through Riverview may be eligibile for extended warranty coverage through a third-party provider. 

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